Treatment: Ultratone Futura ProM

What is it? The Futura Pro machine sends electrical signals to your body telling it to expel toxins and release fat. Pads stuck on your body tap out a wave pattern that ‘speaks’ the language of your nervous system, and depending what you want it to say, the machine can apparently detox your body, improve your circulation, tone your muscles and slim you down. For best results you’ll need a tailored course of treatments.Lazy girls guide to detox

Tester says? ‘Instead of sending sinew-wrenching pulses through my flabby bits, like treatments such as Slendertone do, the Futura Pro’s pads merely produced a relaxing fluttery sensation. The pads are meant to stimulate the lymphatic system and it definitely scored on the “drainage” front as I spent the rest of the day weeing out what I hoped was my Christmas booze and lard toxins. While it’s not an overnight detox miracle, it felt like it was doing something, so I’d definitely try a course.’

Cost: From £30 a session (30 mins). Course of 6 recommended. Call 01233 625252.