LIZ NATION, 23, got the abs she dreamed of – without doing a single tummy crunch.


‘Last year, when I returned from my holiday, instead of feeling lean and bronzed, I felt big and flabby. I love my food and had indulged to my hearts content. My dress size was creeping up to a 12, though I preferred to think of myself as a size 10, and I felt very self-conscious about my tummy, which was now starting to hang over the top of my jeans.How i got my fab abs

I’d been going to the gym before my holiday and went back again soon after I got back. But whatever I did, I couldn’t seem to work my tummy off. Another problem was I would get so hungry from exercising that I’d eat a huge meal afterwards.

Then one day my friend Anna suggested I tried using an Ultratone Futura Pro machine. She’s a beauty therapist and had used it herself – despite being sceptical beforehand. She said she remembered old-fashioned toning tables which were quite uncomfortable, but that this was very relaxing and effective on deep muscle tissue. Basically it uses pads to replicate the effect of normal exercise by flexing and contracting your muscles up to 900 times an hour.How i got my fab abs

As Anna is a tiny size 6, I had my doubts that the treatment would work as well on my bigger body, but I was determined to give it a try anyway and booked a block of 10 sessions. At £27.50 a time, three times a week for three months, I invested about £1000 (with the help of my fiancé Craig!). But the many compliments I have had from friends and family made it all worthwhile. Craig loved me as I was, but can’t believe how my body’s changed. I’m now a size 8 to 10, rather than my old 10 to 12 and I’m down to a maintenance course of one treatment a week. I’ve left my gym and tell myself I’m paying about the same amount a month to keep my abs looking good. Instead I do lots of walking and the odd run, and I limit treats to the weekend. I even feel less bloated these days, too!’

  • HEIGHT 5ft 3in
  • WEIGHT BEFORE 9st 9lb
  • WEIGHT AFTER 8st 10lb