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A full range of Ultratone Cosmetic Products has also been developed to support the use of Ultratone units and to maximise their benefit to you. Developed and produced in France under a team of leading cosmetologists and chemists. Ultratone have launched a unique selection of specially formulated beauty products to use alongside the unique Ultrawave signal. The Ultratone Gels, Lotions and Creams have specific highly energised active ingredients which penetrate the skin with the help of the Ultratone monophasic current.



DEPURATIVE deep cleansing lotion - The specially formulated lotion contains the purifying and gentle qualities of seaweed extracts and cleansing agents to remove all impurities and leave skin soft, supple, clean and bacteria free, ready for the Ultrawave signal.

TONIQUE toning lotion - The Hammamelis plant extract tighten the pores and activate the circulation in preparation for an effective and comfortable Ultratone Facial treatment. The soothing, natural ingredients even out skin tone, remove redness and give a youthful glow. Used after the Depurative lotion it makes the skin and muscles receptive to the Ultrawave signal.

HYDRATONE moisture infusion gel - Applied in a thin coat to the face before treatment and, if using the Ultratone facial plus, placed on the silver contact points, the Hydratone gel works with the Ultrawave signal to penetrate the outer layer of the facial skin. The fine Micro Nutrients and moisture infusing molecules are energised by the Ultratone pulse. As the Ultratone facial treatment lifts the muscles, the Hydratone gel combines with the skins own natural collagen and elastin to smooth away fine lines, maximise moisture retention and skin cell repair.

ADN INFUSION deep hydration moisturiser - Used regularly after each Ultratone Facial treatment and as a day and night moisturiser, the ADN INFUSION deep hydration moisturiser is the final element of the Ultratone total Face Care package. ADN Infusion penetrates quickly to maintain results and continue to rejuvenate and nourish the whole face.


FERMATONE firming and toning gel - Designed to be massaged in before the Ultratone treatment. The active ingredients of the gel will be energised by the Ultrawave signal. The FERMATONE gel will then penetrate to the deep dermal layers and to the muscle fibres, providing essential nutrients and anti-ageing elements and allowing skin and muscles to regain their natural elasticity and tension.

SLIMMING & ANTI-CELLULITE gel - The slimming elements are ionised and suspended in a fine molecular gel. Massaged in before an Ultratone session and used on the flexible pads instead of water the Ultrawave signal will introduce the ingredients beneath the skin layers. Blood flow will be activated, along with a gentle speeding up of metabolism, thus burning off and flushing out fatty deposits.

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