Futura sports system. For Women

The SPORTS System gives you access to your own personal gym trainer and physiotherapist all at the touch of a button in the privacy and comfort of your own home. All backed up by the top muscle and skin specialists and approved to Medical Standards. The Ultratone Futura Systems have been carefully and scientifically selected for you. Each System provides a complete and value for money solution to your own specific health and fitness needs.



Not only will the Ultratone Futura do your workout for you, it works out how to do it, too.

That's the beauty of our unique, computerised system. Futura Sport and Fitness System will mimic routines that a personal trainer at the gym might put you through.

Futura Sports Programmes include:

  • Toning
  • Strength & Power
  • Endurance & Stamina
  • Speed

The Futura Programmes for will replicate a hard gym session with effortless and targeted training. With programs for development and recovery, the Futura Sport is invaluable for professional and amateur training requirements. The Ultratone Futura simulates the brain's natural impulses to make the muscles contract and relax in a pattern, similar to normal exercise, but with a lower risk of strain or fatigue. Therefore, Ultratone exercise can be more targeted, more prolonged and more efficient than even traditional physical exercise.

With the Ultratone Futura you can sit back and enjoy computerised reshaping of your body. Futura is the computer that performs the physical exercise for you. When you use the Futura, incredible as it might seem, each muscle is being activated 450 times every half hour. And you can cover four body areas in each session with Futura performing the physical exercise for you.

The ultra-versatile Futura allows you to upgrade your SPORTS System. You can purchase additional cassettes for your face and body at any time.

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