ULTRATONE – Tina Hobley, who plays nurse Chrissie Williams in BBC 1’s Holby City has been visiting Ultratone for Five Weeks.


WHAT DOES IT PROMISE? To reshape, rejuvenate, and tone up any area of the body including the face. Removes lumps and bumps without visiting the gym or dieting, using bioptic impulses, which claim to imitate the body’s own bio-electric energy. The length and strength of the treatment are tailored for each individual.

WHAT’S INVOLVED? Lying in a beautiful room, filled with candles. Small pads are attached to the area you want to work and you are wrapped in a blanket. You are given controls so you can control the power of the treatment.

HOW MUCH? From £35

HOW LONG? From 30 minutes, although one-hour sessions are also available.Treatment of the week

THE VERDICT? I’ve been using Ultratone to work on my stomach muscles and my tummy looks flatter and my skin is smoother. Doing sit-up’s makes me feel dreadful so Ultratone is perfect; it helps tone muscles and feels such a treat. It makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I also love the fact that it’s all done in the privacy of a salon so you don’t have to work out in public.

After the first 10 minutes, when my body is getting used to the sensation of the pads, I find myself gently nodding off. I enjoy the fact that I am in control of the impulses as it means I can push myself as far as I want to. Each time I go, I stretch myself a little bit more. It’s a very spiritual treatment and one unexpected result is that after the sessions I eat more sensibly as I don’t want to undo the good work.