We sample the Ultratone Futura Pro fat-busting treatment to see if it delivers on its promises...


What’s the hype? “Ultratone’s new face and body-shaping system offers fantastic results.”

So what happens? During a brief consultation, you’ll be asked which body parts you’d most like to shrink and you are able to choose from five different programmes. After changing into a dressing gown (you leave your undies on), the therapist helps you onto a bed and then sticks 20 pads to your problem areas. The pads are wired up to a daunting-looking machine which is programmed to suit your needs, then you lie in bed for half an hour to enjoy the treatment.Tried and tested

Does it hurt? Futura Pro works by emitting “a series of different waveforms, impulses, amplitudes and frequencies to stimulate, tone and rejuvenate the treated areas”. The effect is a bit like a sequence of mild electric shocks transmitted through the pads, and the rhythm and intensity changes every minute or so. At first, the treatment felt too intense to be relaxing, but once I got used to it, it was quite satisfying and created the impression that the treatment must be doing something!

How long does it take? Each treatment lasts 30 minutes – you could fit one into your lunch hour.

Did the treatment work? Although I can’t say that I saw visible “instant results”, the treatment is definitely relaxing and seems to be underpinned by scientific research, so I’d definitely be willing to try a course of treatments.

How much does it cost? Treatment starts at £30 per session – the number of treatments required depends on your individual goals. Your therapist will draw up a personalised treatment plan for you.

How to find out more? There are more than 300 salons in the UK. To locate you nearest salon, call 01233 625252.