Dr Vrbova says... World Expert in Electrical Stimulation

Professor Gerta Vrbova, MD Professor of Developmental Neuroscience, Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London, eminent Physiologist and undisputed world expert in electrical stimulation states:


"Ultratone was the pioneer of a totally new concept and approach to electrotherapy, producing the very first automated units, where different sequences of signals produce a variety of patterns of activity and are delivered by interchangeable cassettes.

My conceptual and practical findings on muscle tissue have found a resonance in the Ultratone team, who have dedicated themselves to perfecting stimulators that incorporate the new theoretical concepts, turning research into a practical reality and every new apparatus can be said to contain the very latest scientific advances.

When I read about women - and men - who consider drastic solutions like cosmetic surgery in order to alter an aspect of their facial or body appearance, or products like Botox which can have a potentially long term damaging effect on muscles and nerves, or indeed when I hear about sports people and athletes who use drugs to enhance their performance, I feel they should be made aware that Ultratone electrostimulation is a far safer and healthier way of creating a natural face lift, reducing unwanted flabbiness or improving fitness and muscle performance.

On a practical level, as indeed there is no science without practice, I consider the Ultratone units to be well above any others I have tried. Firstly the signal of these units for face and body are comfortable beyond compare; secondly the myoneural physiosequential pattern of the programmes they deliver are composed of stages that are perfectly set up for the toning and improvement of muscle tissue; thirdly; the large quantity of programmes available in pre-set or in diskette form are very complete, covering medical and therapeutic requirements; fourthly the units seem to last forever, something very rare these days."

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