Futura face system. For Men and Women

Counteract the signs of ageing with the Futura Face System. Facial toning and rejuvenation at the touch of a button. Twenty minutes of lifting and toning will revive sagging facial muscles, smooth and tighten your facial tissues and enhance circulation promoting instant radiance.



The Ultratone Futura unit

2 Ultratone Futura Program Cassettes:

  • Non Surgical Facelift
  • Anti ageing & Maintenance

Each 20 minute Program has 20 sequential phases to incorporate Microcirculation, skin and muscle lifting, tightening, toning and firming, lymphatic drainage, detox,, fine line reduction, dermal smoothing and revive.

A pack of 50 micropads, neck clip, instruction guide, mains adaptor and carry case. The ultra-versatile Futura allows you to upgrade your FACE System to treat your whole body. You can purchase additional cassettes at any time.

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